Protect Your Employees with DishDash’s COVIDsafe Box Lunch Program

Safer food prep & delivery, easy ordering, increased program visibility & control.

How It Works

As employees return to work, optimizing your office environment for safety is essential, including your employee food program. By vetting food vendors, implementing contactless delivery & leveraging our technology, DishDash’s COVIDsafe Box Lunch Program will minimize transmission risk while keeping your employees productive. Here’s how it works.

DishDash curates vendor partners & box lunch menus

Employees order box lunches via DishDash app

DishDash vendor partners safely prepare food

DishDash facilitates contactless bulk delivery

DishDash onsite personnel distribute to employee desks

Employees enjoy socially distanced lunch at desk

Safer Food Preparation

DishDash partners only with restaurant & caterer vendors who agree to comply with all COVID-19 safety regulations & DishDash’s COVIDsafe food handling protocol, including daily food preparer temperature checks & wearing PPE. Each vendor is audited monthly to ensure strict compliance.

Safer Delivery & Distribution to Employees

DishDash’s COVIDsafe delivery processes entail delivery equipment sanitized daily, PPE clad delivery personnel, contactless delivery, & for clients who opt for DishDash onsite staff, box lunch distribution directly to employees’ desks or to dispersed collection points to minimize crowding. And unlike B2C delivery companies whose riders deliver single orders per delivery, DishDash delivers in bulk, limiting external exposure to your office.

Easy Box Lunch Ordering

With DishDash’s COVIDsafe Box Lunch Program app, employees can easily order box lunches from a curated selection of options that meet your company’s budgetary, dietary & cuisine preference needs. Alternatively, food program managers can order for the entire office via the app.

Food Program Visibility & Control

By digitizing & tracking all aspects of the COVIDsafe program, DishDash’s ByteTrac portal offers you unparalleled visibility & control over your food program. Monitor food safety checklists, real-time employee feedback, employee order activity, program costs & even program sustainability goals.

Protect your employees with DishDash’s COVIDsafe Box Lunch Program

Improved Safety

Safer food prep & delivery minimize transmission risk while keeping employees productive.

Easy Ordering

Eliminate ordering hassles with the COVIDsafe Box Lunch Program app.

Visibility & Control

Gain the visibility & control you need to optimize your food program with ByteTrac.